Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Spark Ventures' Annual Fall Event, Ignite 2016, at The Murphy

On Thursday, October 13th, 2016, The Murphy Auditorium in Chicago hosted Spark Ventures’ Annual Fall Event, Ignite 2016.

We are honored that Spark Ventures once again chose our Chicago event space as the setting for their biggest event of the year. It was incredible to be able to support such an inspiring organization, and all of us at The Murphy are proud to announce that Spark Ventures raised over $150,000 at Ignite 2016! According to their website, the money raised at the event will “support Spark Ventures’ life-changing and world-changing work.”

Spark Ventures is an innovative non-profit whose mission is to “provide sustainable solutions that lift communities out of poverty.” Using an investment mindset, the organization creates and scales sustainable food and agriculture businesses in the developing world. The profits from those businesses are used to fund “high-impact social programs” that benefit the children of the surrounding communities. When you give to Spark Ventures, you’re investing in business driven philanthropy.

Ignite 2016 was held to highlight and celebrate Spark Ventures’ innovative “social enterprise work” in Nicaragua and Zambia, while also raising funds and educating attendees on Spark’s unique and sustainable philanthropic approach. Supporters of Spark Ventures were also able to meet two very special guests from Zambia and see firsthand the impact their generous contributions have made. It was a truly inspiring event.

Thank you to everyone who attended Ignite 2016, and of course, thank you to Spark Ventures for their amazing work.

The images below are courtesy of Spark Ventures' Facebook.

spark ventures' ignite 2016 the murphy auditorium

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